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I am always searching for new products that enhance the atmosphere of your special day. the littlest details affect the whole environment. I have recently discovered two new products that enhance the lighting of your event and gives the setting a real personal and intimate touch. The first item is called “Fairy Berries”. Fairy Berries are small, white balls that give off a glow that dims and then brightens, in a similar effect of a firefly. Perfect for mason jars, gardens even in water around your event space. Fairy Berries are reasonable at less than $120 for 50 berries.


The second product I discovered is a  lantern light. This light is similar to a flashlight that you clip inside a paper lantern to give it a blissful glow. The light is produced by 12 white LED’s that creates an even white radiance. Both of these products can be found on Fortune Product’s website and will help create a magical ambiance to your outdoor event.

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