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Man did we ever have a great time planning this wedding! I first “met” Abby, via Skype as she was living in New York. I instantly loved her ideas and her family and was thrilled to get started planning! Every little detail of this wedding spoke to the couple. The drawing on their save-the-date artwork featured a ship’s wheel in honor of the groom’s love of sailing,  and was smattered with other icons that outlined the couple’s story. Halfway through the planning they moved off to London, and we were able to incorporate some fun nods to that as well. The groom’s last name was Dan, so the hashtag became #thelonDans. Abby and Charlie were clever and funny and just wonderful to collaborate with, and there is nothing I love more than a wedding that is just so “them”!

We had a pretty epic team that came together for this one too! Enjoy some of our favorite details by the ever-talented Scobey Photography!

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Photography: Scobey Photography

Videography: The Reason

Venue: Puritan Mill

Catering and Design: Kate Stone for A Legendary Event

Stationery: Hi Note

Lighting: Active Production and Design

Gown: Liancarlo from Kelly’s Closet

Band: Pure Party Band

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  1. sherry donnelly 3 years ago

    Absolutely Gorgeous Lindsay!! Love Scobey Photography!!