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Sometimes couples stray away from having a wedding theme because they feel like it may pigeonhole them to a specific look for the big day. Aren’t unique details what make a wedding special? You don’t what your vintage wedding theme to be just like everyone else’s. It’s all about the little details that make your day to stand out among the others. So why not have your dream theme and make it your own? Here are some fun ways to personalize your wedding theme!

Elegant Wedding Theme

Grand ballrooms, black tie attire and extravagant center pieces: all elements that elegant weddings naturally include.

It’s always fun for everyone to get dressed up for such a grand affair. Men in their tuxedos and suits, women in their formal gowns and high heels. But unfortunately, those things often come with lots of discomfort. For the men, make sure you invest in quality tuxedos and suits, like these award-winning ones from The Black Tux, to avoid collar-pulling and ill-fitted jackets. For the women, their feet end up hurting just in time for the dance party to begin. Put out some flip flops with a memory foam base for your bridesmaids to enjoy! Everyone has more fun when they are comfortable.

Is your wedding during December? Include a dessert bar with homemade Christmas cookies with all the decorating necessities! That way all your guests find something the like and the kids can have some fun.

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Whimsical Wedding Theme

Whimsical weddings are known for their magical, creative tune; the pop of color, strands of lights and endless vines. Yes, these are the typical whimsical wedding theme items-but how can we spice it up?

Start with your photographs: add some unexpected elements to your wedding pictures, such as balloons or colorful smoke bombs. Add that colorful look wherever you can! Groomsmen can have brightly-colored socks peeking out, and bridesmaids can have floral headpieces or another unique accessory.

Now how do you make your food selection whimsical? Yes, flowers on EVERYTHING. Not only does the floral look work for this theme, but it always looks classy and appetizing. For that unique twist: add some cotton candy in the champagne flutes. Are you popcorn lovers? You could even have a popcorn bar which is always a hit with the kids!

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Rustic Wedding Theme

Rustic weddings often include a lot of wood-like decor, mason jars and lanterns in an outdoorsy venue. How can you set your rustic wedding apart?

If your rustic wedding is outdoors, maybe instead of your memory table with photos of family members who couldn’t be with you on your big day, hang those pictures on a tree, in effect making a beautiful “family tree.” Instead of a guest book, have a polaroid camera for your guests to snap a quick photo and write a little note.

If you’re known as an adventurous couple who enjoys hiking, why not keep beverages cool in a canoe filled with ice! And if you aren’t cake people, try a s’mores bar for dessert-warm gooey marshmallow can still be smooshed into the newlywed’s faces!

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It’s the little details that make a wedding unique and memorable. How would you make your wedding unique?

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