Love from our clients & Cheers

Dear  Lindsay,

Thank you so much for everything you did to make my wedding even more beautiful than I imagined. It was beyond perfect and I couldn’t be happier with how everything turned out. You truly have a gift. I felt like you heard and understood my vision and you were able to fill in the gaps and expound on any thoughts I had during the whole planning process. It was a reflection of me and not like anyone else’s wedding and you did that with one meeting, a few calls and email. That’s incredible! I had several people say to me “you should consider doing this for a living” after the reception. People have no clue that behind every stunning, flawless wedding, is an amazing, dedicated, talented planner. I am so lucky to have had you, and I appreciate everything that you did. Thank you again!

Claire Holbert- Bride

Lindsay| Cashiers, NC | 2017

I first met Kasey 2 years ago, and even though I was not yet engaged, I knew she would be my wedding planner when that day finally came. First of all, she is one of the sweetest human beings I know, along with being organized and professional. Kasey exceeded my expectations when the wedding day finally came. She, along with her assistants, made sure everyone was where they were supposed to be at all times, and made the process stress-free for me, my husband, and my family. I wish that I could hire Kasey to run my everyday life, because she is incredible. I highly recommend Toast of Tennessee to any future bride!

Katie Kendall

Bride | Toast of Tennessee | 2017

I wanted to tell you how sincerely grateful we were to have you as our wedding planner! I owe you a hand written note but did not want to delay telling you how awesome you were! I really cannot even tell you how grateful I was to have you planning my wedding. I have never seen a team hustle so much from sun rise to sun down. You were constantly there for everything we needed and made the entire day a breeze. I didn’t have to think once! I had no idea what I was doing from the very beginning and you were there for all of my crazy questions. Thank you SO much for making my vision a reality. The blue and white prints and the cigar roller were all your ideas and those were probably 2 of my favorite parts of the whole look. The day of the wedding could not have been any smoother all thanks to you. Your positive attitude and hustle just made me feel so comfortable and confident in everything that day. I appreciate all that you did more than I could say!!!!

Kathryn Boyd (Bride)

Kerri | Atlanta | 2017

I don’t even know where to begin! Even though we had expectations about what Carla’s Best Day Ever would be, you so far exceeded them that we were as blown away as our unsuspecting guests.

What is the best way for us to share our feelings of love and affection, admiration and appreciation with your prospective clients? We would love to help you advance your business by sharing our feelings about how you changed our lives by making the beginning of Carla and Brandon’s life an epic experience.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Mark Toro (Father of the Bride)

Nicki | Toast of the Coast | 2017

Now that we are back from our honeymoon, I wanted to take a moment to thank you both again for the most amazing night of our lives. Everything was more incredible than we could have ever dreamed, and it went off without a hitch! Our wedding was a dream come true, and it’s all thanks to you and the wonderful team of vendors you put together. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!!

Lisa Radow (Bride)

Lindsay | Atlanta | 2017

My wife and I would just like to express our sincere thanks for the way you handled everything for Landon and Elisabeth’s wedding. While we are the grooms parents, I still have to say you did a tremendous job from the start of planning up and through the wedding. When any little detail wasn’t just as it was to be, you jumped right in and took care of things and made sure family could focus on the big day and not be distracted. Living six hours away from Landon and Elisabeth made doing things ourselves not an option, and I have to say after experiencing your services even if I lived there I would still contract you to handle all the details. Again thank so much for all you did as you made enjoying the moment possible for everyone.

Mr. Reef (FOG)

Nashville | Toast of Tennessee | March 2017

Wow!  Just Wow!  Kasey did the most amazing job for my daughter’s wedding.  It was Way beyond my expectations.  People have actually written thank you notes to me for inviting them to the wedding!  I live 4 1/2 hours from Nashville and was overwhelmed with the thought of planning a wedding so far away, but Kasey Did it all.  She has great resources and wonderful ideas to make the most of a budget (yes, she will stick to a budget and keep everyone up to date on it.)  The Only thing this mother of the Bride had to do was compile the guest list and addresses.  I had no stress!  Really, my friends whose children have gotten married were astonished.  on the day of the wedding, Kasey and her assistant, Bonnie, handled everything in a calm, timely manner.  I got to just enjoy everything, knowing Kasey had it all under control.  After the reception, she took care of everything, including packing up and delivering a lot of items we had provided.  Kasey is not only capable and efficient, she is a delight to work with.

Donna Oliphint (MOB)

Nashville | Toast of Tennessee | March 2017
After the craziness that was last week and getting all (temporarily) moved in down here in Texas, I wanted to take a moment to share my thoughts with you regarding our wedding day.
It could not have been more perfect. As I said in my brief toast at the wedding, I was never someone who had a “dream wedding” envisioned but last Saturday night still feels like a dream. Not only was the food exceptional, the decor exceptional, the band exceptional, and everything else exceptional, but the love that both Jerry and I felt in that room cannot be explained. Coming from a couple that will not have as much time with our families and friends as we would like over the next at least 8 years due to military commitments, 12/31/2016 is something that we will hold on to tighter than the average couple.
I cannot thank you, Cate, and Katherine enough for making the day perfect. At no point in time did I worry about things not running smoothly. At no point in time did the evening feel rushed. And at no point in time did I feel stressed because you all had every detail under control. You were all so incredibly on top of everything and I cannot thank you enough for that. I do not think any other team other than the TOAST team could have pulled-off an event so flawlessly. Please pass along my gratitude to Cate and Katherine as well!
Please stay in touch! Even through all the craziness and stress, I feel like I have gained a friend in you Kerri and for that, I am very grateful! Best wishes and happy 2017!

Kristy Miller (Bride)

Kerri | Atlanta | 2016

Lindsay- I’ve recovered sufficiently this morning to put some of my thoughts down about the wedding and wanted to send them to you.

Thank you so much for the most wonderful beautiful wedding and party anyone who participated in or attended has ever been a part of!  We have received so many glowing comments about this having been the best of the best that I cannot tell you how excited and pleased we are! I will give any testimonial that you would like for your company if you think it would help you. You seem to be doing pretty well without me!

Of course the true test of this is Lindsey’s happiness, and she is still so happy with the wedding and everything about it that she couldn’t sleep last night for reliving it. Doesn’t get much better than that I guess!  They left for Antigua this morning, and Lindsey is still ecstatic.

Thank you so much for everything you and your staff did to make this happen and go smoothly. I can’t think of one thing that was not perfect as far as what actually happened here.  Anyway, I just wanted to let you know of the comments of the vendors as I believe those possibly have greater credibility than some others.

Drew from Goodwin – “I’ve done about 700 weddings and this is one of the top 10!  No one in the Southeast has ever put up a tent this big of this style.  The Atlanta Show Stoppers are one of the very best bands I’ve ever seen in this setting!”  (I totally agree with him on that comment!)

Jackson Durham – The artist who put together the trellis display said yesterday that he thought it was his most beautiful work ever. He loved the color combinations.

Videographer – told Lindsey the following:  “I just texted my wife and told her this may be the wedding of the year!”

So, thank you for your help and all that you put into it to make this happen in such a spectacular fashion!  By the way, Epting did a great job too, but I guess it’s just come to be expected of them that their food is going to be out of this world and their staff is going to be the best.  I hear that the parking even went well!!  The fact that you even thought to notice that I hadn’t gotten anything to eat and made sure that I sat down and did so was amazing!

I know from experience that events like this do not come off the way this one did without someone paying great attention to detail and a lot of blood sweat and tears! I appreciate it so much that you went all out for Lindsey and Brent and for us. Please know that we will be happy to help you in any way we can in the future and will not hesitate to recommend you highly to anyone who asks us about you.

Thanks again!

Kathy Floyd

Kathy Floyd (MOB)

Macon, GA | Lindsay | October 2016
Just got back from a long string of weddings away and wanted to take a moment to thank you and your INCREDIBLE team for everything you guys pulled off at Kathleen and Jack’s wedding. I am still kind-of in awe. The fact that you each worked as hard as you did, as long as you did, all the while with the sweetest smiles on your faces truly blew me away. Then to have created such a stunning event! I don’t know you did it but it was such an honor to witness. I just wish we could work together more!!
Please share my gratitude with your team and I will send you over a gallery as soon as the photographs are ready!

Jessica Lorren (Vendor)

Kerri | N.C. Wedding | October 2016

We were a month away from my daughter’s wedding and the coordinator had quit the facility! Kasey Schaffer, of TOAST of Tennessee, was a recommendation. With just 4 weeks to go, she stepped into our chaos. She got all the details together as if she’d been a part of the planning all a long! From the venue, vendors and rehearsal dinner to myself and the bride she had it all in order. The wedding was fabulous. Yes, the bride looked lovely, the day was gorgeous and the food delicious. But, all those details that are swimming around your head, all taken care of and expectations exceeded 10 times. I’d recommend Kasey and her team to anyone. She did a fabulous job. It truly was a pleasure!!


Kymberlie Self (MOB)

Nashville | TOAST of Tennessee | 2016


The wedding was absolutely wonderful and give all the credit to you!  You made the entire planning and event extremely easy. We would recommend you to anyone. I’m glad you enjoyed working with us but that was probably we had no idea what we were supposed to. You are the BEST!  I hope you are still around when Kristin finds the right guy. So many people told us it was the best wedding they had ever been to!  Credit to you and thank you so much for everything you did for us

Kathy Szekalski (MOB)

Kerri | Atlanta | 2016

I cannot recommend Nicki and Toast of the Coast highly enough! It was an absolute blessing to have Nicki with me from the time we started planning our wedding. The wedding planning process can certainly be a stressful time, especially on top of school and work, but she managed to create a stress free and enjoyable season of wedding planning! She was always ready to help me make decisions and she rectified any problem in a matter of minutes. There’s no problem that she won’t fix, while making it better in the process. Your wedding day is supposed to be the greatest ay in your entire life, and Nicki made sure mine was just that. Our wedding day went off without a hitch- there wasn’t a detail that Nicki didn’t pay special attention to. She truly went above and beyond my every expectation of what a wedding planner is supposed to be. She sets the bar high for every other person in this industry with her impeccable taste, outgoing personality, and caring spirit! She became a true friend in this process and I could not have had the wedding of my dreams without her.

Erin (Bride)

Nicki | Savannah | 2014

Lindsay, not a day goes by that someone doesn’t tell me how perfect our wedding was. And, I promise it was because of you and your team. I have had so many folks wanting to advertise using our wedding, and that speaks volumes. A social magazine called just last week wanting to do a story. But most of all our family LOVED every single thing about the experience and will hold it in our hearts forever. I could go on and on but just know that we are so grateful that you are a part of our lives.

Linda Carter (MOB)

Lindsay | Highlands, NC | April 2015
open story

We’re so glad to have had Nicki and TOAST of the Coast help plan our wedding. My husband has actually known Nicki since childhood, but I just met her once we got engaged and decided to get married in Savannah. My only regret is not getting her involved even sooner! Nicki was extremely helpful every step of the way. She always had great advice and recommendations from lots of experience, and no matter the situation, she either (a) had an idea to make it even better or (b) had already fixed the problem before I knew about it. We were planning a destination wedding in Savannah while living in Texas, which should have been hard, but having Nicki and TOAST involved made the whole process so much easier. We actually got to ENJOY it. Our wedding day was like a dream. There wasn’t a thing for me or my husband to worry about because we knew Nicki and TOAST had everything more than covered. The entire day was exactly like we imagined from start to finish, and I know none of it would’ve been possible without TOAST!

Lauren (bride)

Savannah | Nicki | 2015

Kerri! Saying THANK YOU a million times would still never be enough to express our deep and heartfelt gratitude to you for all your help in planning our wedding. From beginning to end you were a constant source of knowledge, support and fun! You were on top of every detail, always offering advice when needed AND supportive to new ideas. We loved how you were the perfect balance of thinking outside the box while knowing what works and will be successful. Your calm demeanor, constant smile and incredible attention to detail were a huge part of why our wedding day was such a joyous event. Thank you for allowing us to LOVE our wedding and be fully present knowing that you had everything under control. Somehow you and your team seemed to be absolutely everywhere when needed yet also blending into the background – a task harder than most people realize. Everyone was equally impressed and pleased – we are forever grateful!
Thank you, Thank you, thank you!! Kara and Micah Adler

Kara & Micah

Atlanta | Kerri | September 2015
open story

It was a perfect fall day in Nashville. But what made the entire weekend for me and my husband even more perfect was the freedom to enjoy the time with family, friends and the bride and groom.  This would not have been the case if it had not been for the detail and perfect planning of Kasey and Lindsay. We live in Atlanta and the bride and groom in Nashville. Kasey assisted our daughter Sara with choosing local vendors, securing contracts and all the logistics of the event. She met with Sara and Chad several times to make sure the day was just what they wanted. They were with Sara and the bridesmaids from the morning of the wedding until the very end of the night.  Amazing is all I can say.  Thank you Toast for making the entire process so enjoyable for our family.

Lynn Traynor, Mother of the Bride

Lynn Traynor

Nashville | Kasey | October 2015
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Dear Lindsay,

It’s hard to believe the “big day” is here! Stan and I want to thank you for all you have done over the past year to ensure this special day is amazing for Sarah and David. We feel so pleased and grateful for your guidance, patience, and commitment. Sarah has commented on numerous occasions how lucky she feels that you agreed to work with her. We echo her sentiments. While this is a joyous day in our lives, we can’t help but feel a little sad that we will no longer have a “reason” to see you. We wish you all the best in your professional and personal life.

Many thanks,

Jayne and Stan Bailey

June 2014

Jayne and Stan

Atlanta | Lindsay | June 2014
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Dear Lindsay,

Chesley and I consider ourselves extremely fortunate and blessed to have been surrounded by so many close friends and family on such a special day. This perfect day would not have been possible without your incredible expertise and precision. TOAST events truly did an exceptional job and Chesley and I could not be more thankful. If there is anything that we can do to help promote you or your services, please do not hesitate to let us know!


Owen and I can’t thank you enough for helping make our wedding an absolute dream. Seriously, everything was perfect. I had no idea what I was doing and you made it all so easy. I can’t imagine having worked with anyone else. I will recommend you to anyone! We really appreciate you making sure that the only two days of complete sunshine this summer were on our wedding weekend! Well done! Seriously, thank you for waving your magic want– you are a genius.

With sincere appreciation and much love,

Chesley Gaddis

August 2013

Chesley and Owen

Atlanta| Lindsay | August 2013

Dear Lindsay,

I don’t think I can ever put into words the way it felt to have the entire wedding weekend go more perfectly than I ever imagined. You and your team thought of everything, came prepared, and had a solution for every little thing. Your advice along the way and execution of the weekend will be memorable to us for years to come. Thank you for all your help and flawless attention to detail. It was amazing for us both to truly enjoy every minute of the weekend and not worry about a thing. We are forever grateful for your success in making our wedding PERFECT!

Much love,

Jen and Nick

Jen & Nick

Atlanta | Lindsay | June 2013
open story

Lindsay helped Brian and I plan our perfect wedding and then took every step to make sure it happened just like we envisioned it. Planning a destination wedding in the Bahamas was no easy feat but Lindsay things of all the details that make the day perfect. From having a needle and thread to fix my bustle at the last minute to her artistic eye to make subtle changes at the reception site to create a more intimate setting, I do not hesitate to recommend Lindsay to anyone in need of a talented planner.

Veronica Roof

Bahamas | Lindsay | July 2007

I have been very blessed to have watched a young lady begin a career at the Atlanta Athletic Club and take our club so very far.  I have admired her diligence and relentless efforts to make each event different than the last however, still creating lasting memories for the young children of the club as well as their parents and grandparents.  I have personally learned that with endurance and work ethic, one can do anything. Through all of these events Lindsay kept the membership at the top of her priorities and made sure that each member was able to make memories out of their years at the club. Lindsay is leaving to pursue her dreams, there has never been any doubt that she will succeed but I also know she will do more than just succeed.  Lindsay will create memories for new people just as she did here with our members.  She will take the same pride, skills, endurance and perfection and use those traits to give an experience to people that they will talk about with their families for years just as our members have done here at the AAC.

Kim Laterveer

Director of Catering | Atlanta Athletic Club

Lindsay is a life-saver. She is incredibly organized and thorough. Her attention to detail and ability to solve unexpected problems are only a few of her invaluable skills. She is equally as gracious a person as she is a planner. Event coordination is not just a job for her. Realizing dream events is her passion and I feel she’s the best around.

Mindy Goodroe

Watercolor, Fl | Lindsay | November 2009

What a wedding – Lindsay and her team did a FANTASTIC job!!! From engagement ring to wedding bells, TOAST supported us the whole time – with smiles on their faces and excitement in their work! Lindsay thought of everything and even treated us to a few surprises (extra wedding day signage, pretty baskets for our programs, etc.) – we had no worries because we knew we were in the best hands! Our wedding day memories are even sweeter due to the peace of mind provided by TOAST! We are forever grateful to Lindsay for her hard work, kindness, support, knowledge, and humor – TOAST has our highest recommendation and utmost respect! We love y’all!!

Stacey and John McElrath

Atlanta | Lindsay | December 2009

The rehearsal dinner and wedding reception were beyond our expectations. We thank you so much for all you did to make the events possible. I especially appreciate your calmness and efficiency. Working with you was a true pleasure.

Lynda Mann-Mother of the Groom

Atlanta | Lindsay | May 2010 |

I can’t thank you enough for your wonderful assistance with our wedding weekend!  We would never have pulled off such a fabulous event without you! Scott and I got to be relaxed and we thoroughly enjoyed our entire wedding experience thanks to you!  The great thing is, it was not only us who recognized your wonderful skills – so many people who attended the wedding are still raving about how spectacular everything turned out and how great our Wedding Planner was!  We have been and will continue to recommend your first class services to all of our friends and relatives.

Lindsey Hutchison

Lake Burton, Georgia | Lindsay | May 2010

Our wedding was exactly what we hoped it would be, and we know we wouldn’t be able to say that if it were not for your incredible patience, creativity and care. We cannot thank you enough for everything you’ve done for us over the course of the past year. You calmed us, encouraged us, and kept us on track and the result was an event we and our families will remember fondly for the rest of our lives. Most impressive to us is that though you meet dozens of couples like us every year ,you treated us as if ours was the most important wedding you would ever plan. Thank you for everything

Lindsey and Tyler Mann

May 2010 | Atlanta, Georgia

Thank you for everything! Throughout the process I always felt like I was your only bride. You are so attentive to detail and you are so creative and fun! Of course, I appreciate your ability to operate within a budget, but mostly I’m glad to have had the opportunity to know you. Thank you for choosing all the best vendors and for making the whole wedding planning period a fun one!

Pam Ambler

Atlanta | Lindsay | May 2011 |

Saturday was pretty much flawless.  About all you could have done to improve it would have been to produce a pair of size 13 black dress shoes around 5:30. Laura and Sarah started driving this process back in December and a great team was assembled.  The guests could see/hear the contribution of the soloist, organist and pastor at the church.  They could see and taste the work of the catering folks with the food and décor and marvel at the cool venue.  They could also see and hear the performance of the Atlanta Showstoppers.  But what our guests most likely were never even aware of was the contribution of you and your in making it such a special time.  And, of course, that is the greatest affirmation you could have that you did an outstanding job.  You seemed to be omnipresent while at the same time being invisible.  It is a privilege to see such excellence and competence in someone executing on their responsibilities.  The reception really was pretty magical, as so many things came together just right  and you oversaw that.  Saturday was the biggest collaboration that the two most important women in my life will ever have.  That is was so successful will be a great landmark and bond in their lives and relationship that will never go away, which you helped make happen.   And for that, Lindsay, I will be forever appreciative.  Thank you.

Larry Scott

Atlanta | Lindsay | July 2012

There are no cards large enough to contain all of the praise I’d like to heap upon you for the perfect, perfect wedding you pulled off for Blake and Holly. I’ve never seen anything to compare with it. And how you managed to keep everything together looking like a million bucks and smiling all day and all night is a complete wonder. Thank you for all you did so that Holly could enjoy being a bride and so that the rest of us could just wait to be nudged in the right direction by you or your cute aproned helpers. I think we are all still basking in the afterglow of love we all felt watching Blake and Holly enjoy their official life together. It was a night of complete joy and happiness. We will always remember you when we look back on that night.

Karen Julian

Greenville, SC | Lindsay & Nicki | June 2012
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